About Us

 Holy Trinity Church began almost 125 years ago as a mission to a rural community, which eventually became

known as the town of Magnolia, a train stop along the railroad from Camden to Atlantic City.  At first it was located on what is now known as Evesham Road, where the present fire house now stands.  But as we grew in numbers we needed more room and so we purchased the vacant lot at the corner of Warwick and Evesham Roads, our present location.  It is here that our first "new" sanctuary was built in 1947 along with adequate parking.  Since that time, another sanctuary, as well as a parish hall were constructed.

Besides housing our own Sunday School and youth ministry, our building provides room for a variety of support groups throughout the area along with a Mission Church which reaches out to the Korean Community.                                               
















The theme of our ministry is Growing, Giving & Caring.

   Sunday Worship Schedule

Sunday School     -             9:00   am Social Hall
Youth Group     -                 9:00  am  Youth Room
Confirmation Class -         9:00  am Confirmation Room
Adult Bible Study     -         9:00  am Blundin Room
Worship Service   -           10:00 am Sanctuary

    We are currently following our Summer Schedule.
     Sunday School classes will begin after Labor Day.


          Holy Trinity Staff 

Ministers                 -           All the Congregation

Pastor                      -           Rev. Richard W. Kitz

Music Director      -           Mary Haney

Parish Secretary  -            Lisa Terlingo

      Church Council Officers

President                      -                  Bill Hart

Vice President             -                 Diana Hollway

Treasurer                       -                 Robert Schmus

Recording Secretary  -                 Lisa Terlingo

    Support Group Schedule

AA & Al-Anon        -        Saturday @ 8:30pm

NA                           -       Tuesday   @ 7:30pm

                                         Friday      @ 7:30

New Beginnings   -        Mon. & Thurs. @ 7pm

                                        Wednesday @ 11:00am

Holy Trinity, a Lutheran church in Magnolia, NJ